If you are an hourly employee and work on a holiday, you will be compensated at double your hourly rate for all hours you work. Salaried and certain full time administrative employees receive six paid holidays annually. The recognized holidays are:

New Year's Day
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Day

Personal Time

Full-time hourly employees earn one personal day after 60 days of employment. Additional personal days will be earned on the following schedule: one personal day on the first of January, March, May, July, September and November, or up to six personal days per calendar year.

Full-time salaried employees earn personal days after 30 days of employment based on the same schedule.

Vacation Time

Full-time hourly employees accrue vacation hours based upon the average hours worked in each bi-weekly pay period and the employee’s years of full-time service. For example, if an employee has been a full-time hourly employee for two years, they are eligible for two weeks vacation time. If that employee averaged 72 hours per bi-weekly pay period the previous year, they would receive 72 hours (two weeks at 36 hours per week) of vacation. If an employee has been a full-time hourly employee for five years, and they worked an average of 64 hours per bi-weekly pay period the previous year, they would receive 96 hours (three weeks at 32 hours per week) of vacation time.

Full-time salaried employees are eligible for vacation based on the following schedule:
After one year       Two weeks
After five years      Three weeks
After ten years       Four weeks


This benefit is for all employees who qualify for FMLA. Hours held in the FMLA bank may be used to pay for absences due to qualifying FMLA reasons. Please see Human Resources for more information.

Bereavement Pay

Full-time employees are given three paid days off in the event of the death of an immediate family member. Employees are eligible for this benefit upon hire.

Short Term Sick Pay

Full-time employees are eligible for short-term sick pay after 90 days of employment. Short-term sick pay is designed to provide income protection in case of illness or injury.

Jury Duty

Employees are eligible for regular pay for scheduled time missed due to jury duty for up to three months.