Group Health Insurance

Full-time hourly employees are eligible for group health insurance, dental insurance, life insurance and accidental death coverage after 90 days of employment. Full-time salaried employees are eligible for these benefits after 30 days of employment. Employee deductions for insurance are pre-tax through payroll.

Retirement and 401(k) Savings Plan

This plan is available to employees who have completed one year of service, have worked one thousand hours, and are 21 years of age or older. East Bank Club will match your contributions up to 3% of your compensation each year.

Domestic Partners and Dependents

Domestic partners and eligible dependents of full-time employees are eligible for certain benefits including medical and dental insurance.

Long Term Care Coverage

Salaried managers are entitled to a base amount of coverage paid by the Club after 30 days of employment (additional coverage may be available at employee expense).

Long Term Disability

Salaried managers are eligible for EBC’s long-term disability plan after 30 days of employment. The purpose of long-term disability coverage is to provide financial security in the case of a temporary or permanent disability that would prevent an employee from working.

Supplemental Insurance

Employees may elect to purchase Aflac supplemental insurance policies including accident, short-term disability and cancer coverage. These policies provide supplemental income to claimants in the event of a policy-covered incident. Coverage is voluntary and paid entirely by the employee.

Life Insurance

Upon 90 days of employment, hourly employees are entitled to life insurance in an amount equal to their annual earnings at no cost to them. Upon 30 days of employment, salaried employees are eligible for a policy up to two times their salary, depending on their level, plus $15,000. All full time (hourly and salaried) employees can voluntarily increase their life insurance plan at an additional cost to the employee.