Pilates and GYROTONIC®

Our Pilates and GYROTONIC® classes and private sessions will tone your muscles, improve your flexibilty, and lead to greater wellness and a healthier life.


Pilates differs from many traditional exercise programs in that it focuses both on strengthening weak muscles and stretching tight areas while improving bone density and joint health. It is designed to stretch, strengthen and balance the body, particularly the abdomen and back, improving posture, mobility and flexibility. Lung capacity is increased through the deep, healthy breathing that is a primary focus of Pilates. With systematic practice of specific exercises coupled with focused breathing patterns, Pilates has proven invaluable not only as a fitness endeavor, but also as an important adjunct to professional sports training and physical rehabilitation of all kinds.


The word GYROTONIC® is derived from the words "gyro" (meaning spiral or circle) and "tonic" (meaning to tone or invigorate). GYROTONIC® incorporates key principles of gymnastics, swimming, ballet and yoga. Major muscle groups are worked in an integrated manner using fluid, circular movements. Specially designed exercise equipment provides free range of movement and enhances coordination, strength and flexibility. The body is supported by the equipment, either in lying or sitting positions, as the participant moves through a series of rhythmical, low impact exercises. The motion patterns are natural, with no interruption, creating a bridge between contraction and extension through the rotating movement of the joints.

Intake Form

Members are required to complete a Pilates and GYROTONIC® Intake Form prior to their session. A PDF of the form is available by clicking on the Pilates and GYROTONIC® Intake Form link below. Completed forms should be given to your instructor at the beginning of your first session.